Nuovabricks Special Pack

Custom U.V. Print on original LEGO® torso inserted into a custom plastic blister

Infographic about the bricks to use for assembly the minifig (bricks, price, reference and quantity)

Brick Boy / Minifigure + Blister Packaging

Brick Girl / Minifigure + Blister Packaging

Zombie Skater / Minifigure + Blister Packaging

Nuke Brick / Minifigure + Blister Packaging

Knight Brick / Minifigure + Blister Packaging

Minifigure + Vignette

Minifigure + Vignette

This brick (the skull head) glow in the dark for real!

Stickers Pack Nuovabricks

Nuovabricks A.F.O.L. (adult fan of LEGO®) LEGO® Group

Nuovabricks is the brand of my group, it is based on a line of five minifigures (150 for the first series, 30x) personalized custom nuovabricks, printed in U.V. on original pieces, each accessory comes from different points throughout Europe (lego store, bricklink..). Shop online - These are LEGO® elements originals with custom print U.V. limited only 150 minifigures (30x characters).

- Brick Boy
- Brick Girl
- Zombie Skater
- Nuke Brick
- Knight Brick

LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO® Group, which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this product.

- Concept
- Illustration
- Branding
- Gadget
- Graphic design
- Production
- Packaging
- Sell online
 Gen 20th, 2018