Music Artwork

Frenetik&Orang3 feat. Gemitaiz / Giornate vuote (single)

Martina May feat. Masamasa / Bla Bla Bla (single)

Frenetik & Orang3 feat. Coez / Migliore di me (single)

Geo from Hell / Stupidisco (single)

Frenetik & Orang3 feat. Franco 126 x Carl Brave / Interrail (single)

Martina May / Stasera (single)

Ketama 126 / Oh Madonna (album)

Coma_Cose / Deserto (single)

Fred De Palma / Hanglover (album)

Fred De Palma / Adios (single)

Fred De Palma / Il cielo guarda te (single)

Fred De Palma / Non tornare a casa (single)

Achille Lauro / Ragazzi Madre (album)

Entics / Purple Haze (album)

Entics / Facciamo le 9 (single)

Geo from Hell / Demons (single)

Geo from Hell / Jericho (single)

Many of the covers I've worked on for the past two years. They are for digital stores and straming platforms. Every single / album / EP is available everywhere for listening.

Record Labels:
Sony Music, Universal Music, Warner Music.
☛ Some of these albums have been certified in categories: gold record, platinum record, and double platinum record.

Coma_Cose, Frenetik&Orang3, Ketama126, Franco126 x Carl Brave, Coez, Fred de Palma, Achille Lauro, Martina May, Geo from Hell, Entics.

Commissioned & Collaborations:
AsianFake, Celebrities MGMT, CBbooking, Hells Record.
(Collab. with art directors and designers)

Digital Store:
All covers are present on all digital music streaming platform (Apple music, iTunes store, Spotify, Youtube, GooglePlay).


- Digital Cover
- Graphic Design
- Social MGMT
 Gen 19th, 2018